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Commercial Real Estate Trends in the United States

Sep 1, 2020
Commercial Real Estate Refinancing
Lenders That Want to Make Your Loan
Now is an excellent time to refinance your investment property while rates are low and occupancy is still high. Non traditional lenders are ready to make your deal. Don't hesitate, it costs nothing to price your refinance deal with several lenders competing. More info...

Aug 23, 2020
The 5 Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities Amid the Pandemic
Eugene Wu
he most successful real estate investors know that gut instinct alone is insufficient to identify opportunities. They base decisions on data and statistical analysis. But knowing what data to evaluate, and how, has become extremely challenging as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt all commercial real estate sectors. Some asset classes that investors considered safe in January, such as Manhattan office space and housing for college students, are now some of the most risky. More info...

Mar 30, 2020
How the coronavirus will change closings, home prices and what’s on the market
By Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin
We’re only getting one question recently, although it comes in many forms: How will the new coronavirus impact the real estate market?

As of this writing, buyers are still buying homes and sellers are still selling. Sam has received several contracts in a few days, although his office phone isn't ringing as much as normal. Ilyce has been talking to would-be sellers and buyers (and getting plenty of email) suggesting that people want to buy or sell, but they're nervous. So are brokers, title companies and everyone else involved in real estate transactions. More info...

Feb 2, 2020
Calculating Taxable Income on Rental Properties
Cash Flow and Taxable Income
Rental properties are purchased with a set of earnings expectations. Revenue, mostly in the form of rent will be earned and money will be spent for the operating expenses, mortgage payments and improvements to the property. At the end of the year, the objective is to have taken in more than was paid out, while minimizing taxes. "How much did the property earn this year?" The answer lies in an analysis of Cash Flow and Taxable Income. More info...

Feb 2, 2020
Commercial Real Estate Loan Prepayment Penalties
Plan Your Borrowing to Avoid Prepayment Penalties
Investors are looking for the security of long term fixed rate commercial loans but are balking at the prepayment penalties that come with many commercial real estate loans. Understanding how commercial real estate loan prepayment penalties work can save you money if you plan accordingly.
More info...

Feb 1, 2020
Commercial Real Estate Loans
Shop for the Best Deal
important information about commercial real estate loans including avoiding costly prepayment penalties when negotiating your commercial real estate loan. Learn about cap rates, cash flow and taxable income for investment properties.

Investing in commercial real estate requires knowledge of marketing trends and competitive forces. More info...

Feb 1, 2020
Commercial Real Estate Loan Commitment Letter Sample
Sample Letter
Your application for the first mortgage Commercial Real Estate Loan on the referenced property described further in his letter has been approved by Lender in the amount of $ [Amount].

More info...

Feb 1, 2020
Apartment Loans
Top Multifamily Mortgage Programs
Fannie Mae financing is available nationwide in primary and secondary markets and is funded under the Fannie Mae Delegated Underwriting Services (DUS) Program. These loans are for stabilized properties only with a minimum $750,000 loan amount with rates that can be fixed or floating. FNMA financing can be used for traditional multifamily properties, student housing, affordable housing, or independent senior living. Maximum leverage is 80% on purchases and 75% on refinances within designated areas. Loans may be recourse or non-recourse. More info...