Foundation Survey or Slab Survey During Construction
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foundation survey

Foundation Survey or Slab Survey

New Construction Foundation Survey

The foundation survey or slab survey is used to determine that the foundation has been placed properly on the building lot and at the proper elevation. The survey is done once the foundation is complete and it is an important part of the construction process.

foundation survey

Survey at Land Purchase Closing

Before any real estate transaction is closed, a survey is ordered to assure that the property boundaries are what they were represented to be by the seller. Since the location of an improvements on a property is part of the survey, new construction will have to be added to the survey at the time the foundation or slab is finished.

As indicated on the survey to the left, the forms for the foundation are found to encroach on the required setback and will have to be corrected.


Lenders will require a foundation or slab survey before paying the first draw. Since the foundation must meet setback requirements on all sides of the lot, the governmental construction inspector will use the foundation survey to verify that the foundation has been positioned properly on the lot. If there is any discrepancy it must be addressed at this time.

All lenders require a land survey of the vacant land before construction and a foundation survey after the foundation is poured to assure proper placement of the house on the lot. Typically, the survey must be prepared by a licensed surveyor. The survey must be dated nor more than (90) days prior to the date of the first draw disbursement.

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