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Plan the Life You Want

As is often quoted, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. But, that is not an excuse not to plan. Planning is all about the things you can control, and at the same time being aware of economic, social, and business trends that will affect you and your family.

Financial Trends

fiancial trendsMany financial trends sneak up on us if we do not keep up with the news both in general and in business. Even if we are not involved in a business directly, business trends have an effect on everyone's lives. For example, automation that will extend into our every day lives and will likely affect the way we live and work.

The best way to keep up with trends is to read reputable newspapers and magazines which should include career related trade journals. You can also find blogs online that discuss subjects in your field.

Apr 10, 2021
Refinance Your Mortgage Today
Mortgage rates have dropped again
Save thousands of dollars on your mortgage by refinancing while interest rates are low. Many homeowners have already begun the process because saving money is more important than ever. Us this online mortgage calculator to see how much you can save. More info...

Apr 6, 2021
Vrbo Vacation Rentals in Florida
Avoid the Crowds at Hotels and Restaurants
Many people are choosing to rent a house or condo to avoid the crowds associated with hotels during the COVID-19 era. Meals may be prepared in the residence or ordered in.
All of the rentals are offered through a professional rental site that checks references and shows you ratings by previous renters. There is even a cleanliness rating. More info...

Mar 21, 2021
Business Loans for LLCs
Get Multiple Quotes
Business Loans
Apply for a small business loan with one simple application and get several offers. Lenders will make offers based on your business credit and income. It cost nothing to apply so it is worth a few minutes to see what kind of loan offer suits your needs. More info...

Mar 20, 2021
Need Money Fast?
Get a low cost personal loan.
Did you run up your credit cards during the last few months? Apply for a personal loan at a low-interest rate and get the money you need to pay the rent or pay of your credit cards. Personal loans can be used for any purpose and the interest rate is much lower than credit cards. Apply now. More info...

Mar 20, 2021
Online Pet Stores
Convenient, Safe, and Cheaper
Shopping online allows you to see many more products and to easily compare prices, not to mention the time and money saved by not having to drive around. Online pet stores carry all major brands and medications for all of your animals.
including dogs, cats, and horses.
Check out prices for flea control, grooming supplies, medications, dog food, and all pet needs including cheap horse tack and barn supplies. More info...

Mar 19, 2021
VA Mortgages and Refinances
Active Duty Military, Retired, and Former Military
VA Mortgages require no down payment and are available to anyone who is currently serving in the US military or has served honorably in the military in the past. Check out current interest rates and see how much house you can afford. If you have a present VA mortgage you may be able to save hundreds of dollars in monthly payments. More info...

Mar 18, 2021
Shopping for a Mortgage
Shop for your mortgage before you shop for your house
Buying a house today may mean competing against other buyers to get your offer accepted. The best way to put your offer on top of the stack is to pay cash or present a pre approved mortgage letter from a reputable lender. Get your pre approval now and avoid disappointment. More info...

Mar 17, 2021
Tax filing date extended until May 17
IRS Extends Tax Due Date
The extension will help many small businesses that were rushing to put together enough information to file taxes. Now is the time to consider hiring an accounting service to help with this year's taxes and to prepare your business for the year to come.
Have you gotten all the benefits you are entitled to under the three Covid-19 release packages? How will changes in the minimum wage effect your business?
A professional accounting service is not a luxury, it is a necessity to manage your finances. More info...

Mar 17, 2021
Planning a Trip to Florida this Summer?
Hotel Bookings are going fast in the Sunshine State
Now is the time to make those reservations for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekend. You owe to your self to head down to the land of sun and surf to enjoy a family outing. The beaches are open, the theme parks are open, and the hotels are ready. More info...

Mar 17, 2021
Planning for College
Acceptance Letters
Most college applicants have by now heard back from the colleges where they have applied. Since many will have more than one option, financial decisions should come into play before making a final decision.
The most direct comparison comes from financial aid being offered by the college. All things being equal, the most financial aid wins. However, there are other issues that might be considered such as the prestige of the institution and even how far it is from home.
Students that will have to borrow money for tuition will have to make harder decisions. That might mean staying at home and going to a local college or choosing a less expensive, less prestigious school. Remember, there will be payback of the loans in the future, and a more expensive school might not translate to more income when you graduate. More info...

Mar 16, 2021
Student Loan Interest and Payments Deferred Unitil September 2021
An Opportunity to Review Your Debt
Joe Biden has signed an executive order deferring your student loan payments and interest accruals until September 2021. This may present a good opportunity to restructure your debt by refinancing or paying it down faster. You can keep making payments that include your interest, but the interest money will go to paying down the principle of the loan until September.
A better strategy might be to place your normal student loan payments into a savings account and wait and see if any amount of student loans may be forgiven. There is talk of forgiving some amount of student loans. You may not have to even pay off some of your student loans. So don't pay those loans down until you see what is what. More info...

Mar 15, 2021
Mortgage Calculator
How much home can you afford?
House Poor
What does it mean to be house poor? It means that housing expenses eat up too much of your monthly income. Although lenders use exact formulas for determining the size mortgage a typical borrower can afford the results don't mean the payments are affordable for you. More info...

Mar 14, 2021
Learn the Mortgage Process as a First Time Homebuyer
How to Buy a House
VA Loans and FHA loans
These are both government loans but VA loans have different requirements such as being active in the military or a veteran of military service. Both loans carry additional fees but can be approved with a much smaller down payment.
More info...

Mar 7, 2021
Casinos in Orlando
Orlando, Florida
Casinos in Orlando. The closest real casino refers to the Seminole Hardrock Hotel Casino in Tampa, Florida, about an hour and ten minutes away. This Las Vegas-style casino features hundreds of slots and card rooms including high stakes poker and blackjack.
So drop over for a few nights and enjoy the action. It is an easy drive down I-4 west to Tampa. Bus shuttles are also available if you prefer. ESCOT Bus Service. Reserve your spot online or call 844-537-ROCK (7625). More info...

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