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Money and Your Finances

Building for Your Future Security

building financial securityBuilding financial security is a long term process. First, you set goals for savings and investments. Then you build the plan on what it will take to achieve those goals. Not only does it require consideration of saving a part of your income, but you must also consider your debt.

Your debt will reduce your ability to save, so you want to plan your debt, such as mortgages and car payments, in consideration of your savings goals.

Sound Money Tips

Mar 16, 2021
Student Loan Interest and Payments Deferred Unitil September 2021
An Opportunity to Review Your Debt
Joe Biden has signed an executive order deferring your student loan payments and interest accruals until September 2021. This may present a good opportunity to restructure your debt by refinancing or paying it down faster. You can keep making payments that include your interest, but the interest money will go to paying down the principle of the loan until September.
A better strategy might be to place your normal student loan payments into a savings account and wait and see if any amount of student loans may be forgiven. There is talk of forgiving some amount of student loans. You may not have to even pay off some of your student loans. So don't pay those loans down until you see what is what. More info...

Mar 15, 2021
Mortgage Calculator
How much home can you afford?
House Poor
What does it mean to be house poor? It means that housing expenses eat up too much of your monthly income. Although lenders use exact formulas for determining the size mortgage a typical borrower can afford the results don't mean the payments are affordable for you. More info...

Mar 14, 2021
Learn the Mortgage Process as a First Time Homebuyer
How to Buy a House
VA Loans and FHA loans
These are both government loans but VA loans have different requirements such as being active in the military or a veteran of military service. Both loans carry additional fees but can be approved with a much smaller down payment.
More info...

Mar 12, 2021
Build a Commercial Real Estate Empire:
How to Scale to New Heights With the Right Financing, Deals, and Strategies
More info...

Mar 4, 2021
Credit Cards as a Money Management Tool
Manage your money like a professional
Credit cards should be used as a money management tool
and an emergency source of funds when needed. Credit cards are useful as money management tools since they provide a record of what you have purchased and you don't have to carry large amounts of cash. More info...

Feb 21, 2021
Fabulous Florida Vacation Deals
Check out these deals at the finest hotels.
Enjoy Florida's world famous beaches from Destin, FL to the Key West. Drive on the beaches in Daytona Beach, or horseback ride on the beaches of Amelia Island. The surfs up at Cocoa Beach home of world famous Ron Jon's giant surf shop and annual surf contests.Disney World has some great deals on their best hotels. More info...

Jan 24, 2021
Personal Finance Summarized
A quick way to learn what you need
Managing your personal finances requires knowledge and devotion to executing sound financial habits. This Twitter source will help you do both fast and with your desired results. No matter what you do to earn money, it is critical to know how to manage that money. Personal financial stability is the key to living a satisfying life. More info...

Jan 22, 2021
Biden extends federal eviction moratorium through March 2021
Housing Wire
Following his inauguration on Wednesday, President Joe Biden revealed that he plans to sign 17 executive orders his first day in office, including a further extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium to at least March 31.
"These emergency measures are important,” Deese said. “There are more than 11 million mortgages guaranteed by the VA, Department of Agriculture and HUD that would be affected by the extension of the foreclosure moratorium.”
Biden had previously outlined strategies to mitigate foreclosures and evictions in his housing agenda, which included a Bill of Rights that will prevent mortgage servicers from advancing a foreclosure when the homeowner is in the process of receiving a loan modification. More info...

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