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Auto Loans and Payment Calculator

Shop for a Car Loan Online

Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Loans

Car loans are a popular and convenient way of buying a car, but they also have some advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered. Car loans can help people buy a car that meets their needs and preferences, improve their credit score, and offer some flexibility and convenience.

However, car loans can also make people pay more than the car's value, risk losing their car, and limit their financial options. Moreover, car loans can vary in terms of interest rates, fees, terms, and conditions, depending on the type of car loan and the lender. Therefore, people should compare and contrast different types of car loans, and use online tools and resources to find the best car loan for their situation.

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Compare Offers

Auto loans and payment calculator. Find your next car loan by comparing four offers from hundreds of desperate lenders who want your business. Car loans have an average life of about three years so car loan lenders have to continuously replace paid off car loans with new loans. Thus, lenders will make you the best offer they can for your car loan.

Take Charge of Your Next Car Loan

Shop for your own auto loan and make your own choices. No need to pay a middle man. Think about this: If you borrow $40,000 for five years at just one percent lower rate, you realize a $1000 savings. It is a lot smarter to spend ten minutes shopping for a car loan than to earn $1000 after taxes.

New Car Loans

These are loans that are used to buy a brand new car from a dealership or a manufacturer. New car loans typically have lower interest rates and longer terms than other types of car loans, as lenders consider new cars to be less risky and more valuable.

However, new car loans also have higher loan amounts and monthly payments, as new cars are more expensive than used cars. Additionally, new cars tend to depreciate faster than used cars, which means that the borrower may owe more than the car is worth after a few years.

Used Car Loans

These are loans that are used to buy a used car from a dealership, a private seller, or an online platform. Used car loans usually have higher interest rates and shorter terms than new car loans, as lenders consider used cars to be more risky and less valuable.

However, used car loans also have lower loan amounts and monthly payments, as used cars are cheaper than new cars. Moreover, used cars tend to depreciate slower than new cars, which means that the borrower may have more equity in their car after a few years.

What if you have bad credit?

Check your credit before you apply for a loan. That way you will know where you stand and if you should be willing to pay a higher interest rate because of your poor credit score. Be sure to look at your credit score from all three credit bureaus which include TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Be sure to dispute any errors before you apply for a car loan so you can show the best credit score possible. Bad Credit Car Loan

If you are being asked to pay a higher interest rate to be sure you can afford the payment. If not, consider stepping down in car prices by buying a cheaper model or a used car.

Don't add extras to your loans such as a warranty or insurance. Those premiums will increase your payment or make repayment longer. You can buy a warranty later.

Car Dealer Loans

Car dealers do no make loans but rather broker the car loans to lenders such as Toyota Finance or Ford Motor Credit. They get a fee for brokering each car loan and the higher the interest rate they charge you, the borrower, the higher fee they get from the lender. So, their objective is to get you to pay the highest rate possible and to make themselves the most money possible.

Car dealers may offer you a lower price on a car if you finance with them. Go ahead and take advantage of the lower price and take their loan. Then in six months you can refinance your loan at a lower rate.

Refinance Your Dealer Auto Loan

If you financed your car through the car dealer, you can probably get a lower rate from another lender. Other than a small fee, there is no cost to refinancing and you could save thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. Shop for a new loan here and get several offers from banks that want your business. One application. No cost, no obligation.